If You Want To Break Free,
You Have To Break
The Rules

Rules? What rules?

Your rules. Year after year, David’s Breaking Free Live Experience has helped entrepreneurs and business professionals change prescribed belief systems about making money-lifting people from a false sense of safety to a new game in their businesses and their lives.

Happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 15-18, 2014, this life-changing event will show you exactly why and how the difference between “just good enough” and “all I’ve ever wanted” is just a matter of your willingness to break your own rules.

This year, we have even more in store for attendees, with amazing entrepreneurs and sales professionals gathered to make a change in their businesses, their lives, and the world. No matter your success level or the amount of money you bring in each month, this experience will guide you to the life you really want.


It’s What You Can’t See That’s Holding
You Back From Everything Else.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate sales professional, the rules given to you by family members, colleagues, and society tell you that you have to sacrifice so much time to make less money than you actually desire. These are the sacrifices you make to be comfortable.

This isn’t what you dreamed about. Comfort is not happiness.

It’s time to change the game-time to finally up-level your mindset, up-level your earning ability, and up-level your impact in the world. In a packed house filled with hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs, you will Break Free from these money rules that keep you confined and unhappy, and you will Break Free into a life filled with greater options, an abundance of cash flow, and the kind of new opportunities that make you giddy about the year ahead.

Join the Rule Breakers…and have a lot more fun building your business!